Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Test others for H.I.V

This is my ex - boyfriend.  He have a small tatoo of a blood drop in between his eyes. If you plan to have sex with him,  use protection and make sure that YOU give him (administer) a rapid H.I.V test. I say a rapid test because I don't believe that he is above faking negative results the next time around if he needs to.  It would be best if you were able to go to a location that does rapid, confidential testing (as opposed to anonymous), but my experience has taught me that will be next to immpossible to accomplish.  No matter how or where he gets tested, MAKE SURE YOU ARE THERE WHEN HE RECEIVES THE TEST.

Have you had sex with this man and have H.I.V? Maybe you had sex with him within the past 6 1/2 years and don't have H.I.V. Either way I would like to hear from you. 

I was in a relationship with him for a number of years. I would insist on him getting tested for H.I.V and he always refused saying my negative test results meant he didn't have H.I.V. I accepted that for a while. Then I finally got fed up with his stalling and bought a rapid test online. I was stunned when his test came back positive.

 I am appalled and disgusted that he refuses to go to the hospital for an official test. We were actually in front of the hospital about to get him tested.   Instead of walking in to take the test,  he turned around and walked away.   He is claiming everything under the sun from he is sure he doesn't have it to swearing off sex forever, to claiming it's none of my business. I am now left with the reality that he may have been purposely trying to infect me or at least didn't care if he did. I am also left with the hope that it was a false positive. 

I am not sure if he has H.I.V, but I have a very good reason to believe he might. Just as strong as the positive result for me believing he has H.I.V, are his actions in the past and his peculiar reactions to the results. I cannot in good conscience, simply walk away with my good fortune. 

Since i cannot get him to get tested (I have tried many tactics) and in the worst case scenario, treatment, I must at least try to warn his potential partners of the possibilities or I will never get a days peace. My conscience will eat me alive. If you plan to sleep with him, for your own sake use protection. If you feel you are likely to have unprotected sex with him, kindly ask him to provide you with test results or at least tell him to take a home H.I.V test. I think it might help if you took one also. Heck do that no matter what, it might save you heartbreak. 

Keep in mind I am not saying he definitely has H.I.V, I'm saying he tested positive and refuses to follow it up. I also want to hear from people in his past. If people know him, have had sex with him in the past 7 years and say they are negative, then I might be able to relax and attribute his positive results to the test being faulty and I won't feel the need to post things like this in the future. On the other hand, I might have reason to believe he is someone deliberately trying to spread the disease if people claim to be H.I.V positive and have had sex with him. Yeah, I'm OK if you tell me you slept with him while we were together, we are way past being hung up on that at this point. If you claim to have had sex with him, please tell me a few details about him that would make me believe you actually know him and that you are simply not trolling.